Sakos Ltd was founded in December 1996. Dionysis Alexandropoulos, NTUA [National Technical University of Athens] mechanical engineer, is its main shareholder and Managing Director. The company’s object is the production and trade of plastic flexible packaging material. Since then, the company has grown very quickly, constantly investing in electromechanical equipment as well as in human resources.


“OK Compost” Certification

Our company, in line with international standards and environmental requirements, is certified with the "OK COMPOST" standard, having the ability to produce products with polymeric materials based on PLA starch. These materials are Biodegradable & Compostable,...

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New Clean film Production rooms CFR-VIII CBR-VII

Dear Partners Our first CLEANROOM 1 CFR-VIII extrusion PE Hall has been in full operation since early December ’18. It is our CR1 room housing our plastic extruders (3 and 5 layers) labeled «EXTRUSION HALL OF POLYETHYLENE FOIL». This room has been certified as a clean...

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Sakos legal form and base address change

Dear Partners, Please find enclosed our corporate announcement in Greek and English regarding our Company’s Legal form and base address change . We will be happy to assist you in any clarification you may need, in our corporate telephone numbers and our mail...

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Research, development and the design of innovative products constitute important orientation points of SAKOS company. The company’s specialised technicians and engineers try to be always informed about all kinds of products, services as well as the new technological developments concerning the packaging material market. They are always available to render their services to the firm’s partners in the best possible way.